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The Newsreader | Preview (BBC Two)

BBC Two and iPlayer has acquired award-winning six-part drama The Newsreader from Entertainment One (eOne).

The Australian series, starring multi-award-winning actress Anna Torv and Sam Reid, centers around the frantic, busy heart of a commercial TV newsroom set in the 1980s, while following the relationship between an ambitious young TV reporter and the star female news anchor.

Created by award-winning writer Michael Lucas (Offspring, Five Bedrooms), the series depicts the dramas and tensions of this high-octane workplace as well investigating the political and personal power struggles of the world.

Torv plays Helen Norville, a glamorous and talented newsreader and, in the chauvinistic world of TV news, often overlooked.

Helen finds herself partnered with junior reporter Dale Jennings (Reid) and their personal and private relationship will be set against the very public pressures of reporting some of the most iconic news stories of the era to the nation.

In addition to Torv and Reid, The Newsreader features a talented ensemble cast including Robert Taylor (Longmire), Logie Award winners Stephen Peacocke (Five Bedrooms, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) and William McInnes (Unfinished Sky, Blue Heelers).

Joining them are Chum Ehelepola (Lodge 49, Lady Dynamite), Michelle Lim Davidson (Utopia, Get Krack!n), Chai Hansen (The New Legends of Monkey) and Marg Downey (Fast Forward, Top of the Lake: China Girl).

Sue Deeks, Head of Programme Acquisition, BBC, says: “The Newsreader is a superbly made drama which cleverly interweaves key news events from the period, 80’s nostalgia, office politics and personal relationships in a thoroughly engaging and entertaining style.”

The series begins Sunday 24th July at 9pm on BBC Two.


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