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Kate & The King: A Special Relationship | Preview (Channel 5)

The recent devastating news of King Charles's and the Princess of Wales’s health struggles have touched the nation's heart. But among the deep concern, there’s a splendid ray of sunshine: the special, blossoming relationship between Charles and Kate.

From their shared creative passions to their courageous battle against cancer, this documentary celebrates the special bond that has grown between the royal pair, and we discover the strength, resilience, and love behind the royal smiles.

We explore how this friendship has developed and blossomed over the years - from the highs of William and Kate’s beautiful wedding, and King Charles’s historic Coronation, to the devastating lows of the Queen’s death and funeral.

Palace insiders and those in the know reveal the private and personal story of this incredible connection that exists between the King and his ‘beloved daughter-in-law’.

Kate & The King: A Special Relationship airs Saturday on Channel 5.


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