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The Hilton: Park Lane | Preview (Channel 5)

This warm and entertaining four-part observational documentary series has unprecedented access behind the scenes to staff and guests at the 5-star London Hilton on Park Lane Hotel.

As the hotel celebrates its 60th anniversary, it’s undergoing a multi-million-pound renovation during the busiest time of the year.

The series follows the characterful staff as they attempt to maintain a 5-star service for celebrities and VIPs, and celebrates some of the biggest events in Britain’s social calendar. The series reveals a wealth of surprising stories of guests from around the world who have come to stay at one of London’s most iconic hotels.

The London Hilton on Park Lane is in the middle of a multimillion-pound renovation, but that hasn’t stopped the guests from arriving and the hotel is about to become busier than ever. The King’s Coronation is just weeks away.

General Manager Matthew Mullan is hoping the building work on the new lobby will be finished ready for King Charles’s Coronation. But with just over a week to go, Matthew must break the news to his team that the new lobby has fallen behind schedule.

Head of Sales Georgina and her deputy Marcia now face the prospect of welcoming several high-profile guests, including three Heads of State, into the Hotel’s temporary side entrance and juggling the noise of the building works. The race is also now on to get the presidential and executive suites finished on time.

For Executive Chef Anthony Marshall, the build-up to the Coronation is stressful. His team is tasked with creating handmade chocolate sculptures for the VIP guests. When one of the presidents arrives early, Chef Marshall must think on his feet to deliver the sculptures to the suites on time.

The red carpets are rolled out and security arrangements put in place, as three national presidents and their large entourages arrive back to back.

In the hotel’s executive lounge, Guest Experience Manager Maria welcomes two returning guests, Bruce and Chris, who have travelled to London to celebrate The Coronation. With its views over Buckingham Palace, the hotel’s top floor restaurant is fully booked for the Coronation. Manager Peter Avis and his Deputy Manager Antonino are braced for the busiest day the industry has seen for years.

The restaurant's Head Chef Mark Hardiman has created an intricate five-course tasting menu with each course themed around King Charles’ favourite dishes. But on the morning of The Coronation, Antonino receives a phone call that sends the restaurant’s carefully laid plans into disarray.

The Hilton: Park Lane begins Sunday 7th April at 9pm on Channel 5.


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