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The Dog Hospital | Preview (Channel 5)

Dogs are the nation’s favourite pet. They are our companions. They are a part of the family. So, when they are sick and need help, we want to know they are in the best hands.

Master dog trainer Graeme Hall goes behind the scenes at Willows, one of Britain’s leading animal hospitals: a place that offers hope to our poorly best friends and their worried owners. In each episode he witnesses cutting-edge procedures, meets highly skilled specialists and sees miraculous recoveries.

In the first episode, ten-month-old Springer Spaniel Louie has been involved in a terrifying accident that has left him with potentially life-threatening internal injuries.

While out for a walk, Louie impaled himself on stick that travelled deep inside his chest, stopping millimetres from his heart and a major artery. The soft tissue team rush Louie in for emergency surgery to remove traces of stick, stop the risk of serious infection and try to save this Spaniel’s life.

Graeme follows the work of the physiotherapy team as they help 12-week-old Elton, a Sussex Spaniel, who needs to learn to walk again. The puppy has been referred to the hospital after a freak accident at home that’s left him partially paralysed.

Distraught owner Philippa has to leave her beloved pup in the care of a team of veterinary specialists for an intensive course of physiotherapy, in the hope that they are able to get Elton’s back legs working again.

The life of 10-year-old, diabetic Husky Akasha and her distraught owners was turned upside down when she went blind overnight. Graeme joins them in a consultation to get an understanding of what caused the blindness before the surgeons carry out what they hope will be a life changing, precision operation to try to restore her eyesight.

The Dog Hospital begins Thursday 5th October at 8pm on Channel 5.


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