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The Catch | Preview (Channel 5)

Drama starring Jason Watkins, Aneurin Barnard and Poppy Gilbert. Family man and local fisherman, Ed Collier is struggling to keep his head above water when rival fishermen steal his business.

But his financial woes fade into the background when his daughter, Abbie brings her boyfriend home to meet her family for the first time. Ed is immediately wary of Ryan. He’s young. Successful. Rich. But there’s something about him that Ed simply doesn’t trust.

His wife, Claire and best friend, Bob put it down to Ed being overprotective. Ever since losing his son in a boating accident fifteen years ago, he’s strived to keep Abbie close. But Ed’s sure there’s something else and is determined to get to the bottom of it before Ryan takes Abbie away from him for good.

Teaming up with his former nemesis - Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, George – Ed begins looking into Ryan’s past and is alarmed at what he discovers. Ryan Wilson simply didn’t exist before 2018. Heeding Claire’s warning that attempting to find fault with Ryan will only push Abbie further away, Ed desperately attempts to bury his doubts.

However, when his boat is deliberately sabotaged, Ed’s life begins to spiral. Learning that Abbie has postponed her plans to study abroad and intends to move in with Ryan, Ed’s panic rises.

Overhearing an illicit phone call, Ed thinks he can prove that Ryan is playing Abbie and follows him to the red-light district where he films him picking up a young woman. Armed with the evidence, Ed confronts Ryan during a family lunch.

But when Ryan offers up a reasonable explanation, Ed’s family quickly turn on him, leaving Ed feeling more alone than ever. But things take a much darker turn when he heads to his boat to find a sinister message painted on the decking. Someone is clearly out to get him.

The Catch begins Wednesday 25 January on Channel 5.


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