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Taskmaster: Champion Of Champions | Preview (Channel 4)

It’s that time when overlord Greg Davies beckons previous winners of series 11 to 15 to return to the scene of the greatest triumph of their lives and battle once more in a brand-new Champion of Champions tournament.

Adjudicated by the PA of PAs, Little Alex Horne, this brand-new one-off special will air soon on Channel 4, and hot on the heels of a festive Taskmaster’s New Year Treat special airing on 2nd January.


Former champs Dara Ó Briain, Morgana Robinson, Sarah Kendall and Sophie Duker square off in a one-off face off hoping to be crowned Champion of Champions.

One of them will cart home the ultimate prize of Greg Davies’s buff body forged in gold - unless history is made by late substitute and lucky runner-up Kiell Smith-Bynoe, who could become the first ever non-Champion of Champions.


Series 15 winner Mae Martin has entrusted the supreme responsibility of representing their series to runner up Kiell Smith Bynoe, who will take on the epic challenge on their behalf.


Mae Martin said: "I am absolutely fuming at the fact that I am unable to participate in Taskmaster's Champion of Champions. I would love nothing more than to fight for the title of ultimate champion, and spend another week of my life being ridiculed by Greg...

"I am, however, confident in the choice to send Kiell to fight on my behalf. He is an agile and profoundly competitive young man, and also much much cooler and funnier than me, so we should have it in the bag. I have sent some surprises so that my presence is felt. Good luck Kiell, I am holding my breath from the U.S. and rooting for you."

Kiell Smith Bynoe said: “As if it wasn’t enough pressure representing the whole of black Britain in S15 now I have to represent the entire nation of Canada in Champion of Champions. I’ve never even been. I didn’t even win my series. Look I’ll try alright.”


Taskmaster: Champion Of Champions airs Sunday 14th January on Channel 4.


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