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Taskmaster | Series 15 Preview (Channel 4)

It's that (biannual) time of the year when Taskmaster Greg Davies leaps out of his almighty bed and screams, 'I'm ready!' And boy is he ready.

Frankie Boyle, Ivo Graham, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Mae Martin are the courageous comics entering the series 15 crypt to task like they've never tasked before, their eyes firmly set on the only prize any self-respecting human could ever need: a gilded effigy of the head Greg apparently once had.

Greg's Admiral of Admin, Little Alex Horne, is on-hand as always to take notes. Whether it's locating spoons, cracking jelly baby codes or demonstrating the power of a single breath, Alex will be there with his whistle, clipboard and pen, pretending that it isn't the 21st century.

In the opening episode, Alex Horne unveils the new snack that's set to take the convenience food world by storm, Jenny Eclair dances around a giant golden pineapple in a wedding dress, and Frankie Boyle discovers why cats love balls of string so much.

Taskmaster returns Thursday 30th March at 9pm on Channel 4.

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