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My Super-Rich Holiday | Preview (Channel 4)

Fast-rising comedy star Eddie Kadi becomes our tour guide and ticket into this exclusive world, full of rich culture, history and phenomenal access.

Joined for the ride by another famous comedian mate who’s a first-time visitor to Ghana, Eddie’s taking them and us behind-the-scenes of this high-end, mega-rich, uber-luxe side of Ghana, whilst also digging deep into the beauty of the country’s culture and history.

Eddie knows all the places worth going and all the people worth knowing, from lavish retreats and extravagant restaurants to billionaire business stories of success, innovators, multi-millionaire playboys and Afrobeats megastars.

As a globally celebrated ambassador for all things Africa, Eddie has access to a Ghana no usual tour operator could take you to.

Over the course of a week, the two comedians will be fully immersing themselves in the rich culture, history, luxe local lifestyle and surprising stories, whilst the pair also explore, play and party in this comedic travel romp.

Eddie Kadi said: “I am so thrilled to be working with Rumpus and Channel 4 on this very special project. I’m so excited to showcase the different layers of this beautiful continent - the culture, lifestyle and, most importantly, the people...

"Africa is so diverse and is home to some of the most successful, impactful and innovative people in the world. Sharing their stories will be an absolute revelation!”

Vivienne Molokwu, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “Eddie is a hilarious, broad and brilliant talent with a very different experience of and perspective on many countries that we simply don’t know much about over here in the UK...

"We love nothing better than a celeb travelogue and seeing how the other half live, so the combination of the two in an unexpected destination should make for a highly entertaining watch.”

My Super Rich Holiday airs Thursday 26th October at 10pm on Channel 4.


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