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Squad Goals: Dorking 'Til I Die | Preview (BBC Three)

Former model and reality TV star Calum Best is following in his father George Best’s legendary footsteps - by taking over the reins of Dorking Wanderers Ladies football club.

This grassroots squad is packed with passionate on-the-pitch talent - but does Calum have what it takes to get the team to the top of the league?

As the season gets started, Calum's dreams lie in midfield maestro Bianca’s hands as she juggles training and matches alongside a full-time 9-to-5 job. Meanwhile top striker Charli is re-evaluating her footballing prospects with the club.

Then, with the season in full swing, Calum is tested for the first time in his debut role as chairman. Under pressure, Calum consults football’s original WAG - his mum, Angie Best - and makes major changes to his coaching team, announcing the impending arrival of a familiar face.

Elsewhere, Dorking's defender HT reflects on her past and what inspired her to play football.

Squad Goals: Dorking 'Til I Die begins Sunday 11th September at 8pm on BBC Three.

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