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Squad Dates | Preview (BBC Three)

Welcome to Squad Dates, the group-dating show where finding love and exploring friendship are front and centre.

Three local singles in their early 20’s host three out-of-town friends for a long weekend, showing off all their hometown has to offer – by day and by night.

We're in Middlesbrough, and our home squad of Becca, Tracey and Kaitlin are three Boro girls who like to work hard and play hard. The 20-year-olds, Tracey and Becca, are at Teeside Uni studying law.

24-year-old Kaitlin is studying accountancy at university whilst working for an optician. All three are keen to meet guys from further afield to find out if they can find something they haven’t yet found with the guys closer to home.

Cue the away squad – 20-year-olds Jude and Jacob and 19-year-old Ash. These firm friends met at the University of Lancaster, where they are all studying. Jude and Ash have enjoyed relationships which have largely ended amicably but are keen to meet different types of people than those they’re surrounded by in Lancaster.

But another motivation for the lads is to finally get 20-year-old Jacob on his first ever date! The girls have put together a long weekend of group dates which show off not only the best of their hometown but also the kinds of things they enjoy doing.

Squad Dates begins Monday 14th February at 9pm on BBC Three.


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