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Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out | Series 4 Preview (BBC One)

The average family home contains thousands of items we don’t really need, and living amongst the clutter is stressing us all out. But, imagine if every single item in your home were laid out before you, so you could decide what to keep, and what to lose.

In this series, tidying extraordinaire Stacey Solomon has put together a crack team of organising fanatics who will help one family each week transform their messy home through a life changing declutter, budget friendly makeover and supersized spring clean!

Stacey and her gang (organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan) challenge the Bufton family to sort their life out in 7 days – and in order to do this they’ll have to embark on a mammoth declutter. They ask the family to try and let go of half their possessions, so that they can then beautifully reorganise their home.

With Stacey’s help, the family start packing all their possessions into boxes. Every single item is stripped from the family home revealing how much space there is under all their belongings.

We get to know the family behind the clutter – single Dad Craig has been bringing up his young daughters, Merywen (6) and Wren (4) after their Mum Lois passed away from cancer four years ago. Now, supported by Lois’ close family, Dad Craig feels now is the right time to tackle the clutter in their home, and make a positive change for his daughters.

Packing up the house is an emotional process, and with the house now empty all the family’s possessions are taken to a giant warehouse and beautifully displayed like an art installation of their lives. There are thousands of belongings, including 197 teddies and dolls, 121 old socks, 373 pieces of unopened mail and 1,239 books.

Stacey and Dilly are on hand to guide the family through the sort out. There will be emotional moments as the family go through their most treasured items. Mother-in law, Soo and Sister-in-law Cass are on hand to help Craig make decisions, and we learn about a beautiful children’s book Louis had written for her daughters. As part of the process Craig confesses he’s been taking up hobbies and buying random stuff online to fill the void left by the loss of his wife.

At the house, carpenter Rob breathes new life into the home, with some ingenious carpentry for Craig’s home office, and creates a secret door for the girls leading into a magical reading room inspired by Lois’ love of books.

Iwan gives the home a supersize spring clean, with lots of useful tips along the way; whilst Dilly reorganises all the storage spaces.

When the family are left with only the must keep and most precious items, they are packed back up to the house before it’s stylishly unpacked by Stacey and her team, ready for the big reveal to the family. Have they really managed to transform this family home by decluttering, organising and upcycling alone?

Sort Your Life Out returns week commencing 19th February on BBC One.


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