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Sort Your Life Out | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Tidying extraordinaire, Stacey Solomon, and her expert team (organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan) are back for series two of Sort Your Life Out.

The organising fanatics challenge families up and down the UK to sort their lives out in just seven days. Throughout the week the team help families to transform their messy homes through a life changing declutter, budget friendly makeover and supersized spring clean, as they upcycle and recycle their way to a new home.

The Harris-Hawley family embarks on a mammoth declutter. Stacey and the team challenge them to let go of half of their possessions, so that they can beautifully reorganise their life and home.

We get to know the family behind the clutter; childhood sweethearts, Dan and Char, who rent a two up two down house from the local council with their two daughters, Mia (11) and Cece (3).

With only one week to go before their wedding, Char remembers trickier times as a young parent and Dan tells Stacey how he came to be the devoted dad he is now.

With the house all packed up, the family’s possessions are laid out in a giant warehouse like an art installation of their entire lives, including 437 DVDs, 200 hair bows, 59 hairbrushes and combs and 1011 toys.

The family are shocked to see how much they really own and how it all fitted into their house in the first place. The items they decide to let go of are put into piles to recycle, donate or sell.

At the house, Rob creates an ingenuous dining and storage solution in the kitchen. Iwan gives the home a supersized spring clean, with lots of useful tips along the way, and Dilly reorganises their living room into a multipurpose space for kids and adults alike.

The family’s must keep items are then returned to the house, before it’s stylishly refilled by Stacey and her team, ready for the big reveal. Have they really managed to transform this family’s life and home by decluttering, organising and upcycling alone?

Sort Your Life Our returns Wednesday 25th January on BBC One.


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