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Something Undone | Preview (ITVX)

A thrilling tale of psychological fear and suspense that employs the world of sound to tell the story of Canadian couple Jo and Farid, who delve into the gruesome 1980s slaughter of a family of five for the latest series of their true crime podcast.

Farid travels to the destitute town of Briddus, Newfoundland to put the pieces of the mystery together through witness interviews and covert investigation - meanwhile, Jo, who is a foley artist, isolates in her recently deceased mother’s country home to ready it for sale while creating chilling sounds to accompany Farid’s words.

Jo struggles to stay removed from her schizophrenic mother’s suicide, but after picking up distrubing sounds inside the house, she goes down a twisted path towards a dark family secret that ruthlessly haunts her - meanwhile, Farid comes up against the crooked cops and hardened townspeople of Briddus.

The murders and their rumoured ties to Satanism irreparably damaged the town’s tourism 30 years ago, leaving them desperate to keep the past buried - as he gets closer to discovering what really happened that fateful summer, Farid finds himself and Jo in serious danger.

Putting Jo first, Farid makes the choice to give up and let down the surviving Chaffey kin - months later, Jo and Farid escape to a remote island intent on mending their strained relationship but struggle to let go of their respective ghosts.

While Jo befriends an enigmatic neighbour who guides her further from Farid and deeper into the mystery of her mother’s legacy, Farid seeks out a local pastor and reveals that - despite the risk - he’s never given up on delivering justice to the Chaffeys.

Something Undone lands Thursday 14th December on ITVX.

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