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Smother | Series 2 Preview (Alibi)

The gripping Irish crime thriller starring Dervla Kirwan (The Stranger, Safe House) returns for a six-part second series.

Series one really was just the beginning for the Aherns. Still picking up the pieces after the death of Denis and the cover up that followed, Val Ahern’s world is rocked once again when a stranger turns up on her doorstep.

The cast includes Niamh Walsh as Jenny, Seane Kerslake as Grace and Gemma Leah Devereux as Anna.

A stranger turns up on Val’s doorstep and introduces himself as Finn (Dean Fagan) – Denis’ estranged son, and his existence is an unwelcome surprise for the family. Abandoned to grow up in foster care in Britain, Finn wants to get to know his family but his appearance coincides with what seems to be an orchestrated campaign against the family, as each of the Ahern daughters has their lives targeted and exposed.

Can Finn break up the family Val has fought so hard to protect? Has that been Finn’s plan all along?

Smother returns Tuesday 5th April at 9pm on Alibi.


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