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Sister Boniface Mysteries | Series 2 Preview (Drama)

The light-hearted murder-mystery series returns, along with its eponymous Vespadriving, crime-solving Catholic nun. The first series of Sister Boniface Mysteries on Drama was UKTV's highest rating show of 2022, attracting 1.3million viewers.

It's the 1960s and Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson), with her aptitude for detective work, is an invaluable asset to the Great Slaughter Police Department. If there's evidence to be found, Boniface will find it. The cast includes Jerry Iwu as Felix, Ami Metcalf as Peggy Button and Max Brown as Sam Gillespie.

Episode 1: Don't Try This At Home: Sister Boniface investigates an on-set murder when Great Slaughter plays host to a summer roadshow for kids' TV programme 'Jolly Roger'.

Episode 2: The Shadow of Baron Battenberg: Sparks fly as Sam and Ruth go undercover at a spiritual retreat for couples only. A sighting of the mysteriously missing Baron Battenberg sends the press and police into a frenzy.

Determined to uncover the facts, Ruth (Miranda Raison) and Sam (Max Brown) go undercover at the Pranayama retreat, run by the Baron's widow Marion Grey (Emily Bruni) and brother Edwin Battenberg (Jason Thorpe). The only problem - besides the questionable abilities of cook Connie Dumas (Sarah Moyle) - Pranayama is a 'couples only' retreat, forcing Ruth and Sam to pose as husband and wife, a prospect they seemingly resent.

Sister Boniface Mysteries returns Friday 26th May at 9pm on Drama.


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