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Shop Well For The Planet | Preview (BBC One)

The presenters of Shop Well for Less and Eat Well for Less join forces to see if we can live a greener lifestyle and save money along the way. Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo look at our food choices, while Melanie Sykes and Joanna Page tackle our shopping habits.

This week, the team are in Essex to help the Fortington-Neave family go green and save some much-needed cash. Life is busy for mum Alison and dad Alex.

They have a packed schedule looking after their two active sons, seven-year-old Arthur and 11-year-old Harrison. With so much going on, trying to go green has never been a priority for them, but the pandemic and lockdown have made them rethink. Now the whole family want to try to help the planet, but they don’t know where to start.

Chris and Jo set up a pop-up shop filled with the family’s main areas of eco-concern and reveal their average carbon footprint. Alison and Alex are shocked to find out how much over the national average they currently are. To turn the family's house green, the team swap their usual cleaning products for homemade versions and eliminate some of their single-use plastic.

Jordan and Chris take on committed carnivore Alex and try to convince him that going meat-free a couple of days a week doesn’t have to be painful. Can they turn him around with their simple and quick veg curry?

Shop Well For The Planet begins Thursday 14th October at 8pm on BBC One.

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