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PREVIEW: Sex & Power: Tabloids, Channel 5

Three-part series delving into the world of tabloid journalism, exploring the lengths the tabloids go to for a story, and the lives they have impacted in the process, featuring rarely seen archive footage and the voices of editors, journalists and celebrity contributors.

The first edition focuses on the intertwined narratives of tabloid newspapers and celebrity culture, examining the tabloid's treatment of famous faces such as Ulrika Jonsson, Kerry Katona and Daniella Westbrook.

The second edition documents the experiences of people who have either unwittingly, or deliberately, found themselves on the tabloid front pages, at great personal cost, including Josie Cunningham and Megan Barton-Hanson.

In the third and final edition, A former leading member of the House of Lords is caught in a classic tabloid sting and his hypocrisy is laid bare, while another politician's gay affair is exposed, ruining both his career and his marriage.

Sex & Power: Tabloids begins Tuesday 31st August at 9pm on Channel 5.


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