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Secrets Of The London Underground | Series 3 Preview (Yesterday)

Rail historian Tim Dunn (The Architecture The Railways Built) and Siddy Holloway, co-developer of London Transport Museum's Hidden London tours, return for a new third series of this much-loved UKTV Original factual series.

Tim and Siddy explore disused parts of London's tube network, with exclusive access to abandoned, legendary stations and brilliantly preserved passageways, hidden right under passengers' noses. At the London Transport Museum and Depot, Tim and Siddy rifle through original blueprints, poster art and photographs in their incredible archives.

In the first episode, Tim and Siddy head to London’s iconic Camden Town station - a labyrinthine junction on the Northern Line, including an original lift passageway which closed in the 1920s when escalators were installed at the station and a long-forgotten purpose-built WWII bomb shelter which sits underneath the tracks and platforms at Camden Town, designed to hold 8,000 people.

Siddy also visits Sloane Square station, built in 1868 and an amazing feat of Victorian engineering, where you could once buy a pint from its platform and unearths one of London’s forgotten rivers - suspended above the tracks.

Back at the depot Tim finds out about the heady days when West Londoners could take the Underground all the way to the Essex seaside, and steps inside an historic 1930s District Line carriage which is being painstakingly restored by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Secrets Of The London Underground returns Tuesday 4th July at 8pm on Yesterday.


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