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Screw | Preview (Channel 4)

This brand-new drama, starring Nina Sosanya, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Laura Checkley, Stephen Wight, Ron Donachie and Faraz Ayub, shows prison as you've never seen it before: through the embattled, inspiring characters who work there.

The diverse team of officers in charge at Long Marsh men's prison each have their own unique take on the job.

Darkly comic, refreshingly absurd, and violently shocking, their stories powerfully reveal that there's more to life in prison than we know. Leigh Henry (Sosanya) is a career prison officer who lives for her job but has lost faith in the system - so she circumvents the rules, doing whatever's necessary to help the prisoners in her care.

But Leigh's position at Long Marsh is under threat - which doesn't bear thinking about, especially as she appears to be secretly living on the wing. The arrival of Rose Gill (O'Donnell), a mouthy young probationer fresh out of training, only adds to the pressure on Leigh, who writes Rose off as a liability.

So begins a dramatic, high-stakes battle between the two officers. Are either of these women who they say they are? And can both of them survive?

The whole series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 to coincide with the transmission of the first episode on Channel 4 on Thursday 6th January.


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