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Scotland’s Sacred Islands With Ben Fogle | Preview (BBC One)

Scotland’s Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle (4 x 60 min) has been re-commissioned, following the popularity of the first series broadcast last year.

Ben Fogle will once again explore the stunning landscapes and spiritual belief across several beautiful islands. Complemented with spectacular drone footage, he will celebrate each island he visits, meeting the locals and learning how the island’s unique religious history is woven through the community today.

As with series one, he will explore what it is about each island that touches his psyche more deeply and what makes each a place of spirituality and sanctuary.

Ben explains: “I’m thrilled to be continuing my spiritual odyssey across some of Scotland’s most special and secret places. I travel the world meeting extraordinary people in beautiful lands but the Scottish islands have a magic all of their own...

"Their shared communities and deep connection with the land, air and sea are what I want to explore. What does it take to live and work in such harsh but stunning landscapes? Ultimately, what do people believe in and why does faith, in all its senses, play such a huge part in island life?”

Scotland’s Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle returns Sunday 22nd October on BBC One.


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