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Scoop | Preview (Netflix)

A film based on Sam McAlister’s memoir giving the inside account of Newsnight’s bombshell interview with Prince Andrew, lands Friday 5th April on Netflix.

Gillian Anderson leads the cast and plays Emily Maitlis, Newsnight’s lead presenter who conducted the interview. Keeley Hawes plays Amanda Thirsk, Private Secretary to Prince Andrew.

Billie Piper plays Sam McAlister, who negotiated the bombshell booking and Rufus Sewell plays Prince Andrew. Charity Wakefield, Romola Garai, Lia Williams, Connor Swindells and Amanda Redman are joining the ensemble cast.

The film will tell the inside track on the women that broke through the Buckingham Palace establishment to secure the scoop of the decade that led to the catastrophic fall from grace of the queen’s favourite son.

Including navigating Palace vetoes, to breaking through to Prince Andrew’s inner circle, the high-stakes negotiations and intensity of rehearsal — to the jaw-dropping interview itself.

Scoop lands 5th April on Netflix.


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