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Rosie Jones' Trip Hazard | Series 2 Preview (Channel 4)

Rosie Jones' Trip Hazard is back, even bigger, better and more British than before. In this supersized series, Rosie travels to unlikely corners of the UK in search of adventure, excitement and silliness.

Paired up with a different celebrity travel buddy each time, she splurges on all the things she's always wanted to do: skydiving, cliff jumping, rap battling and much, much more.

In this first episode, Rosie takes Big Breakfast host and Strictly star AJ Odudu to Moray in northern Scotland, to climb one of the highest mountains in Britain: Cairn Gorm.

In this epic adventure, the pair tour the beautiful Scottish countryside, taking on a series of local challenges.

They go head-to-head firing guns in a clay pigeon shooting competition, sample the area's famous whisky, test their strength rowing across a loch, try their hand at pottery, and in the hardest challenge of all, attempt to keep quiet on a retreat at Findhorn Ecovillage.

At the end of their trip, will Rosie and AJ reach the summit of Cairn Gorm in one piece?

The next episode will be available as a first look on All 4 after the transmission of this one.


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