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Porn King: The Rise And Fall Of Ron Jeremy | Preview (Channel 4)

The world's biggest porn star, Ron Jeremy, is facing 34 counts of rape and sexual assault.

With exclusive access to the women accusing him, insider testimony, and rare archive, this two-part series tells the inside story of Jeremy's 40-year porn career, revealing how his alleged crimes were eventually brought to light.

In the first episode, Jeremy shoots to fame during the 1970s and the 'Golden Age' of porn. He's funny, smart and likeable, but rumours swirl that he assaults his co-stars. British porn star Lianne Young - formerly Billie Britt - says Jeremy assaulted her at a party in full view of other people.

In the concluding episode, Jeremy has crossed over into the mainstream: making Hollywood friends, becoming a reality star, and selling his own range of rum. But his alleged offending becomes more prolific.

He's accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl, as well as a churchgoing lifelong friend. Finally, police investigate.

Both episodes of this mini series will be available to view on All 4 after Episode 1 has aired on Channel 4 on Monday 15th August.


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