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Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making | Preview (W)

In this new series, Rochelle Humes, entrepreneur, TV presenter, former pop star and mum of three, takes her passion for all things interior into the homes of 10 families looking for inspiration, guidance and interior design expertise.

With an eye for detail, a short course in interior design and bags of enthusiasm, Rochelle will be challenged to create inspirational spaces for 10 deserving families who are all out of ideas.

Rochelle visits each family to see the problem spaces for herself before getting to work on creating designs, changing layouts and choosing colour schemes for her new clients, supported by friend and mention, interior designer Sally O’Connor.

Before presenting her vision, she invites the families to join her at a gorgeous location she hopes will inspire and excite them before sharing her design solutions. She’ll also be bringing along a mood box – a fully immersive design tool allowing them to see and feel the textures, colours and fabrics.

As the families will be using their own money, Rochelle will be working to a budget and weeks later, she will return to see if her designs have been a success and the families have followed her guidance.

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making begins Monday 13th June at 8pm on W.

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