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River Cottage Reunited | Preview (More4)

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's iconic series is back to inspire viewers with his grow-your-own, back-to-nature food philosophy.

In this post-pandemic era, with more and more of us embracing wild places, local produce, and seeking to move towards a more natural, plant-led diet, Hugh returns to the very ethos he's championed since the first River Cottage shows over two decades ago.

As we emerge from two years of lockdowns, re-evaluating our lifestyles and relationship to nature and wellbeing, Hugh reopens the doors of River Cottage HQ, in the stunning countryside of east Devon.

Spring becomes summer, as Hugh and his talented team of foraging and fermenting chefs and gardeners celebrate the bounties of the seasonal harvest. Plants are much to the fore, but as well as tending the garden, River Cottage are looking after hens, piglets and baby goats. And with the help of his local butcher, Hugh is kick-starting a campaign to protect our woodlands by getting more venison on our plates.

Throughout the series, Hugh shows how to grow, prepare and cook fresh and exciting food, using anything from the fruit and veg in the garden, wild ingredients in the hedgerows and woods, sea vegetables on the shore, and fish and shellfish out at sea.

River Cottage regulars such as forager John Wright and fire-cook Gill Meller, are on hand with advice to help and inspire, and Hugh meets a range of experts introducing us to exciting ideas such as natural bee keeping, fermenting original drinks, and even making sourdough crumpets.

River Cottage is at the cutting edge of a more climate-friendly way of eating and highlights how to source more sustainable ingredients. The series also emphasises the need to clean up our rivers to promote biodiversity and enjoy the health benefits of wild swimming.

In this episode, there's a buzz around River Cottage with a visit from a wildlife revolutionary Matt - who puts Hugh to work with a chainsaw transforming a tree trunk into a brand-new home for some indispensable insects.?Chef Gelf helps put the finishing touches to the new outdoor kitchen, where the food promises to be the freshest yet.

Hugh visits an unusual family farm, where he rustles up lunch and discovers how they have restored and revitalised the local environment. Piglets that have been delivered to the wrong pen are wrangled to the right one.

And Hugh competes against fermentation expert Rachel, as they go up against a panel of judges to see who's nailed creating a whole new zingy drink concept.

River Cottage Reunited airs Monday 20th June at 9pm on More4.


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