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PREVIEW: The Rise Of The Premier League, BBC Two

The origin story of the Premier League told by its stars. What began in 1992 as a controversial breakaway became the most watched sporting competition in the world.

Focussing on individual stories told first-hand by a cast of famous and less-familiar faces, the series will explore the extraordinary experience of those central to the rapid evolution of the most high profile and lucrative sporting competition the world has ever seen - many of them young men from ordinary homes who overnight became millionaires and cultural icons amid the shifting attitudes and social change of 1990s Britain.

Built at its outset on a high stakes business decision, wildly increasing sums of money have continued to define success and failure in the Premier League. This series will unpick the relationship between the business and the ballgame, the back room machinations and the iconic match day moments, to tell a definitive history of the opening decade of the 'greatest show on earth'.

The Rise Of The Premier League begins Monday 6th September at 9pm on BBC Two.


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