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Rise & Fall | Preview (Channel 4)

The wait is over... the highly anticipated, brand-new reality show is here. Hosted by Greg James, Rise and Fall sees 16 ordinary Brits, from all walks of life and ages, compete to win up to £100,000.

Starting as equals, they find themselves either in a position of power as a Ruler or as a powerless Grafter. While the Rulers live in a luxury penthouse, the Grafters must survive in basic conditions in the basement. And much like life, those in power are responsible for making decisions that affect those who have none.

As the Grafters work hard to complete a series of gruelling challenges to build up the prize fund, the Rulers must encourage the Grafters to work harder. But if they push them too hard, they might find themselves toppled from power.

Anyone can rise to a position of power, and anyone can fall, but ultimately only one Ruler can win the cash prize at the end of the game. Who rises and who falls is decided by the other Players. So what does it take to get to the top? How do you win power and keep hold of it?

And how do you use it to influence others? Let the power struggle begin... In this first episode, the players begin as equals, before either taking a position of power as a Ruler or being part of the powerless as a Grafter.

Rise & Fall begins Sunday 19th March at 9pm on Channel 4.


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