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Riptide | Preview (Channel 5)

Newlyweds Alison and Sean Weston have a just about perfect life: they’re well off, they live in a beautiful surf coast home and they’re madly in love.

But there’s tension under the surface: Alison’s daughter Hannah is struggling to adjust to her new, affluent life; Sean’s son Ethan is convinced that Alison is after his money; and Alison’s ex-husband Michael wants her back.

While Alison embraces the future, everything changes one morning when Sean heads out for a surf and never returns. Given the dangerous riptide, police conclude that he drowned. In an instant, Alison is plunged into a world of grief.

But as a memorial service gets underway, she can’t let go of the possibility that something else might have happened to him.

With Ethan, Rachel, Michael and Hannah’s friend Logan all keeping secrets, Alison’s instincts are right — something sinister has happened to her husband. But what and by whom?

Riptide is a 4x60' for Channel 5, starring Jo Joyner, Peter O’Brien and Benny Turland.


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