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Ride With Me | Preview (Channel 4)

In this brand-new series, award-winning comedian, author and cycling enthusiast David O'Doherty heads out on a series of carefree, two-wheeled adventures.

On each trip, David is joined by a different celebrity guest - from experienced cyclists to complete novices - as they hop on their bikes to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Along the way, David and his famous guests find out more about each other, share some laughs and enjoy the Great British countryside.

It's a comedy interview show on two wheels that delivers lots of laughter, proper conversation and stunning scenery, while meditating on the physical and mental health benefits of cycling.

In the first episode, David takes actor and comedian Richard Ayoade on a two-day cycle adventure, with their ultimate destination the barren landscape of Dungeness on the Kent coast.

David hopes to show his city-dwelling friend the joys of letting your hair down in the countryside, while also avoiding the dangers it holds - such as poisonous berries and kissing gates... David and Richard face the horrors of glamping and the wild winds of the flat Romney Marsh, and hopefully make it to their lighthouse destination in time.

Ride With Me begins Monday 22nd November at 10pm on Channel 4.

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