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Rich House Poor House | Preview (Channel 5)

In Rich House, Poor House, two families from opposite ends of the wealth divide swap homes, budgets and lives for seven days to find out how the other half lives. At the end of the week will each family discover they have much in common, despite their different financial circumstances?

Or will they learn that in fact money, more than class, race or gender is the thing that divides us. Do families have less opportunities in life because of a lack of cash? And the series asks and hopefully answers that crucial question: does money buy you happiness?

Strap yourself in because this episode ends with the biggest life-changing surprise ever seen on Rich House, Poor House.

Devoted single Essex mum Ocean is desperate to build a better life for her eight-year-old daughter Oziana. Balancing parenthood with pub shifts and surviving on less than £60 a week is a huge struggle, and she dreams of leaving it all behind by opening a Caribbean food business.

Enter multi-millionaire Barrie and husband Scott, who have built a staggeringly successful business empire stretching from Beverley Hills to Chelmsford. They hand over their £6 million mansion, private chef and chauffeur driven Rolls Royce for the week, but more importantly have a history of investing big in the right people.

Will Ocean, supported by best friend Chloe, have what it takes as her cooking is tested by Barrie's most demanding friends? And will swapping lives for a week remind this super-wealthy couple to appreciate the small things in life?

Rich House Poor House returns Sunday at 9pm on Channel 5.


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