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Rich House Poor House | Preview (Channel 5)

Two families from opposite ends of the wealth divide swap homes, budgets and lives for seven days to find out how the other half lives.

At the end of the week will each family discover they have much in common, despite their different financial circumstances? Or will they learn that money - more than class, race or gender - is what divides us.

Do families have less opportunities in life because of a lack of cash? And the series asks, and hopefully answers that crucial question, does money buy you happiness? In the first epsiode of a new series, millionaire Lamborghini-driving Maxie swaps homes and lives with Danny and Nicky, who wash dishes in a local café.

In an inspiring episode featuring eight children, boxing, supercars and botox, both families are tested to the limit as they try and work out whether money really does buy happiness.

Maxine McCarthy is a former champion boxer-turned-entrepreneur who owns Cosmetic Couture, a leading beauty training academy in Manchester. She’s made a fortune and is passionate about giving others a leg up, but is also a harsh judge of character and very careful about who she helps.

Danny and Nicky work low wage jobs but have dreams of setting up a beauty salon. Despite doing long shifts and looking after five children they, both find time to train at college – Danny as a barber, and Nicky in make-up.

Maxine’s opulent Cheshire mansion is festooned with gold and Versace wallpaper. Danny and Nicky with their kids in tow, can’t believe they get to spend a week in a pleasure palace. Meanwhile Maxine turns up at Danny and Nicky’s small, rented house in Manchester with her children and housekeeper Chor.

They quickly learn how hard it is to shop on a budget and when they visit the college where both Danny and Nicky train can’t help to be impressed by their work ethic. And there’s even more respect when Maxine discovers Danny even makes time to box for charity.

On the other side Nicky learns about Maxine from her old boxing coach and decides Maxine is superwoman. A trip with Danny to Maxine’s clinic results in an off-the-cuff challenge in cold-calling customers and they pass with flying colours. It’s all set for an exciting final meeting where Maxine reveals a big surprise to further Danny and Nicky’s salon dream.

Rich House Poor House returns Sunday 22nd October at 8pm on Channel 5.


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