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Richard Hammond's Brain Reaction | Preview (Comedy Central)

In this first episode of Richard Hammond’s Brain Reaction, Victoria Coren Mitchell and teammate London Hughes go head to head with Johnny Vegas and Henning Wehn.

And shining the light of science on proceedings is comedian and brain box Ria Lina.

In a tense game of Domino verses Buzz Wire, the teams’ manual dexterity and ability to remain calm under pressure are put to the test.

A scientific investigation into our taste buds sees Johnny and Henning play taster and feeder in a romantic scene — and if this doesn’t put you off your dinner, nothing will! Former England cricketer Ryan Sidebottom joins the teams with his shiny ball to demonstrate the power and speed of his throw.

And Victoria and London muse over the aerodynamics of household items in Fridge versus Armchair. And if you’ve ever wondered what’ll travel farthest when fired out of a nitrogen cannon, then wonder no more...

Richard Hammond's Brain Reaction begins Wednesday 13th April at 9pm on Comedy Central.


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