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Reuben Owen: Life in the Dales | Preview (Channel 5)

Hill shepherds’ son 19-year-old Reuben Owen from Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm is back, attempting to grow his new heavy plant machinery business with his best friends Tommy and Sarah in the remote Yorkshire Dales.

In this first episode, we join the team at the start of Reuben’s second year of trading. This June the friends have won a contract to restore life to an old fishing pond at a grand country estate in County Durham by excavating 6000 tonnes of silt.

At half an acre it’s the largest dig the teenage team have ever attempted, and the scale is daunting. Hitting their two-week deadline is dependent on 17-year-old Sarah making hundreds of trips into the woods on a track dumper to shift the silt. But when heavy summer rain turns the site into a slurry pit Reuben fights to stop his 14-tonne digger being swallowed, and they turn to a vintage bulldozer to keep the job on track.

As Reuben’s young business is expanding fast, as well as managing the pond dig, the team take on an ancient haulage yard where they can store and maintain their fleet. But with a derelict barn to clear and a pot-holed track to level, have the friends bitten off more than they can chew?

When it comes to machines Reuben’s confident in his abilities, but this summer he wants to challenge himself. So, the trio leave the Dales behind on a road trip to the PlantWorx Expo in Peterborough where Reuben’s taking part in a digger competition against some of the best operators in the country who are hoping to win a luxury holiday.

And when the friends get back home, to thank them for their support at the competition, Reuben organises an antique joyride through the Dales on a pair of vintage hand-crank start tractors he’s got his hands on.

Reuben Owen: Life in the Dales begins Thursday 25th April at 8pm on Channel 5.


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