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Retro Electro Workshop | Preview (Yesterday)

Retro Electro Workshop is new UKTV Original series about the dying art of repairing electronics, fronted by super-fixer Rob Howard, one of the UK's last remaining full-time repair men of retro-electronic products.

At one time, Britain had an electronics repairer on every street corner. From the 1930s to the 1980s, electronic gadgets were built to be repaired and to last a lifetime. Shamil and his dad, T have a wealth of knowledge about vintage electronics and find design classics ripe for restoration and re-sell.

Whether it's a classic American jukebox, a retro pinball machine, a boombox or a vintage radio, super-fixer Rob Howard and his network of experts, including Matt Marchant, are ready to find, fix, restore and revive "anything old with a plug on it".

Atari: Shamil buys an ‘80s Atari which is a more complex fix than it first appears. Rob needs to unravel a previous owner’s modifications before he can get it working again. Rob is called out to a collector with a beautiful 1930s radio called the

‘Defiant’ that hasn’t made a sound in decades. Plus, Matt has a precious Pinocchio puppet to fix for a couple who have fostered over 100 children.

Retro Electro Workshop begins Tuesday 18th July on Yesterday.


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