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Resident Alien | Series 3 Preview (Sky Max)

A crash-landed alien (Alan Tudyk) who must take on the identity of a small-town doctor and somehow find a way to fit in with the local human population.

While discovering what it means to be human, he’ll begin to question whether humanity is worth saving as he grapples with the morality of his secret mission on Earth.

In the third season of the offbeat sci-fi comedy, our crash-landed alien hero Harry (Alan Tudyk) vows to work with General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) to rid the Earth of the Grey aliens – a task made more difficult when he discovers that the Grey Hybrid Joseph has taken a job in town as the new Deputy.

Joseph isn’t Harry’s only obstacle – Harry struggles to balance business and his personal life when he falls in love for the first time.

Resident Alien returns this Wednesday 17th April on Sky Max.


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