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The Repair Shop At Christmas | Preview (BBC One)

Spirits are high at the Repair Shop as Jay Blades and the team conjure up the magic of Christmas past.

Adding a touch of pizazz to a 1960s home bar, which once formed the cornerstone of family Christmas parties for a newly arrived Caribbean family, are woodwork wizard Will Kirk and restoration royalty Dominic Chinea.

Expert duo Steve Fletcher and Kirsten Ramsay face their own festive challenge in the form of a bent and bedraggled Christmas tree that’s been at the heart of family festivities for over 100 years.

Meanwhile, electrical whizz Mark Stuckey is tasked with breathing new life into an old film projector, bringing footage of departed loved ones sharply back into focus.

And a battered trombone that is the sole surviving tangible reminder of a father lost long ago is lovingly revived by Pete Woods in time for some very special Christmas celebrations that see our experts magically transported back to their own childhoods.

The Repair Shop At Christmas airs Boxing Day at 8pm on BBC One.

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