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Reframed: Marilyn Monroe | Preview (BBC Two)

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe is a 4x60' CNN Original Series which comes to the UK on BBC Two this July.

Across the four episodes, the series revisits the extraordinary story of a girl who sprang from nowhere to become the most famous woman in the world. Narrated by Golden Globe-winning actress Jessica Chastain and featuring a star-studded cast of female voices, the series re-examines Monroe’s story to uncover themes of feminism, sexuality and power that continue to drive the cultural conversation today.

In the first episode, Norma Jeane attends an audition at 20th Century Fox, where the head of casting suggests she change her name to Marilyn Monroe. After connecting with Joseph Schenck, Marilyn is able to get a job at Columbia Pictures, where she receives her first starring role.

Upon renewal of her contract, the head of the studio makes an unwelcome advance which leads to Marilyn’s dismissal.

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe begins Friday 28th July on BBC Two.


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