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The Real Crown: Inside The House Of Windsor | Preview (ITV1)

The real behind-the-scenes story of the lives, loves, scandals, trials and tribulations of the world’s most famous family.

Featuring interviews from key figures with first-hand accounts, plus rarely seen footage, as the story is told through the perspective of the major personal challenges that faced The Queen and the monarchy throughout her reign.

The series sees the rare archive footage set against the revealing new interviews with those present at the time - some of whom have never previously spoken on camera. Viewers will see the images played out to the world during historic moments.

Whilst hearing the inside story and gaining a rare insight into The Queen’s personal experience of navigating the events that shaped her family’s fortunes and the history of the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles is about to be crowned Prince of Wales – the first step in his journey to becoming King. But it’s a path marked by danger as Welsh Nationalists have planted bombs. In 1970s Britain is in the grip of a fuel crisis, strikes and inflation.

Against this backdrop The Queen must train her son to be future King. But Prince Charles is wrestling with the dilemma facing all royals; love or duty. Prince Charles visits his Great Uncle Edward VIII, who gave up the Crown for love, at his home in Paris Charles sees a man who has never recovered from his decision; his servants are dressed as Buckingham Palace footmen and he still has his red dispatch box labeled ‘The King.’

When Prince Charles falls for Camilla Shand – who is deemed an inappropriate fit as a royal bride – he chooses to pursue a life in the navy rather than following his heart. Princess Anne must also trade her wild boyfriend Andrew Parker-Bowles for a more suitable match – instead Andrew marries Camilla.

The conflict between love and duty also casts a long shadow between The Queen and her sister Princess Margaret. When Margaret’s marriage flounders, her pursuit of love with gardener Roddy Llewellyn brings danger to The Crown.

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor begins Tuesday 26th September at 9pm on ITV1. Watch now on ITVX.


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