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Ralph & Katie | Preview (BBC One)

The 6x30’ episodes follow the continuing story of Ralph and Katie Wilson, with each featuring a different story focusing on the domestic challenges they face - issues faced by all newlyweds, but with an added ingredient in the mix being that the couple have Down’s Syndrome.

Leon Harrop (Ralph) and Sarah Gordy (Katie) are joined by Pooky Quesnel who reprises the role of Louise, Ralph's mum, now Katie's mother-in-law.

Other familiar faces are Nigel Betts (Ridley Road, Boy Meets Girl) and Sherry Baines (Jungle Cry) who play Katie's parents Steve and Clare. There is also a welcome return for Matt Greenwood (Bohemian Rhapsody, Waterloo Road) who previously delighted audiences as Tom.

New and familiar faces heading to the stunning Lakeside locations and Manchester's Space Studios include Craig Cash (The Royle Family, The Fast Show, Gogglebox) as Brian, Dylan Brady (Get Even, Coronation Street) as Dan, Jamie Marie Leary (Traces, River City) as Emma, Sam Retford (Screw, Ackley Bridge) as Gary and Daniel Cerqueira (Pennyworth, The Spanish Princess) as Dr Graves.

This ground-breaking series is created by Peter Bowker who is also lead writer as he was on The A Word.

Episode 1: When Katie invites recently dumped friend Emma to stay, Ralph soon feels pushed out. Their newly hired PA, Danny, tries to help, but things backfire and Ralph must win Katie back.

Episode 2: A mysterious Valentine’s card for Katie sends Ralph’s imagination into overdrive. Is it from the man who broke her heart? Meanwhile, Emma organises a Valentine’s fundraiser.

Ralph & Katie begins Wednesday 5th October at 9pm on BBC One.


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