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Puzzling | Preview (Channel 5)

Lucy Worsley presents a brand-new quiz. If you love puzzles, you’ll love Puzzling. To find her champion, Lucy challenges every area of our players’ brains across five puzzling rounds testing language skills, calculation, lateral thinking, visual intelligence and memory.

At the start of each episode, six super smart strangers are split into two teams of three and try to accrue the most points through their powers of puzzling deduction.

Then, in a dramatic twist, the members of the winning team turn on each other to be named the best of the best and earn a place in the series final where the ultimate puzzler will be crowned.

In the first episode of the series, contestants from London, Worcester, Barry, Derby and West Kilbride take on five rounds of fiendish puzzles as they attempt to qualify for the series Grand Final.

To kick things off, ‘In Other Words’ tests the language skills of our teams with some slippery synonyms. Calculation skills are tested in Round 2, ‘Pressure Points’. If contestants get a puzzle wrong they are given a new one as a punishment!

Round 3 is ‘Rule Breakers’, testing players’ lateral thinking. They must individually answer to win a point before they can confer for a bonus point. Visual Intelligence is tested in Round 4 with ‘Picture This’.

Round 5 sees the teams face our evil ‘Memory Bank’! They must memorise 15 words hidden behind numbers and then give the numbers as answers to fast-paced questions!

Only the winning team move to the final round, ‘Divide and Conquer’. In a devilish twist, teammates must now turn against each other as only one player can win the episode and with it the chance to become the ultimate puzzler at the end of the series.

Puzzling begins Wednesday 21st June at 8pm on Channel 5.


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