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Prue's Great Garden Plot | Series Preview (More4)

Cook and writer Prue Leith embarks on a great new home-grown adventure but this time, it's a horticultural one.

The grande dame of British cookery is bidding farewell to her home and lovingly landscaped garden of nearly 50 years and has finally decided to move in with her husband, John Playfair. But there's one big problem... a two-acre size problem to be precise.

In this new series, cameras follow Prue and John as they downsize to a modern barn they've designed together. But their new home is surrounded by a plethora of rubbish, rubble, rusting buildings and so much overgrown vegetation that you'd be hard pushed to see anything resembling a garden.

For green-fingered Prue, a glorious garden filled with life and colour is top of her priority list, even more so than the house itself. Determined to have her new garden looking picture perfect in less than a year, Prue seeks inspiration from the country's best private gardens, as she sets about designing, digging and planting the garden of her dreams; a welcome retreat in which to create new memories with her friends and family.

The series also offers aspirational and accessible tips to home horticulturists who are also looking to create magnificent yet manageable gardens themselves. In this episode, Prue and her husband John move into their home and wrestle with the layout of their new garden, plant trees and shrubs.

They get to grips with problem cherry trees in the new orchard and create their very own grand design garden feature. In search of advice and inspiration, the couple head to Brogdale in Kent to see the national fruit tree collection and seek advice about growing cherries.

Begins Wednesday 6th October at 9pm on More4.


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