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Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure | Preview (ITV1)

This two-part series follows the late Paul O’Grady as he travels through Thailand and Laos to celebrate the work done by elephant conservation centres to rescue, rehabilitate and protect these most majestic, but vulnerable, of animals.

Filmed in late 2022 before his sudden and unexpected death, this was Paul’s final project and one that he was incredibly passionate about.

Thailand has the largest number of elephant rescue centres in the world while Laos is nicknamed the ‘land of a million elephants’, and each episode sees Paul travel across the region to roll up his sleeves and muck in to help out at a different rescue centre.

Along the way, Paul also heads out from the sanctuaries to grab a slice of local life by exploring nearby colourful markets, temples, apothecaries and sampling the local cuisine.

Each episode highlights a particular challenge faced by elephants in the region and - as ever - Paul’s love for animals shines throughout the series. The tone is warm, playful and heartfelt and always characterised by his much-loved wit and humour.

Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure begins Sunday 31st March at 8pm on ITV1.


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