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Sue Perkins' Big American Road Trip | Preview (Channel 4)

Sue Perkins' Big American Road Trip takes a celebratory look at the modern phenomenon of #vanlife in the USA.

She embarks on a journey across two of America's most beautiful states - California and Colorado - in her own campervan, to discover the highs and lows of life on the road.

In this two-part series, Sue encounters those for whom the American dream hasn't worked out after a lifetime of toeing the line, people seeking adventure, freedom and a way out of the rat race... and everything in between. From burlesque dancing to bouldering, camping under the stars and digging her own toilet, Sue immerses herself in the extraordinary lifestyles of her hosts.

In this episode, Sue embarks on the first leg of her campervan odyssey as she travels the 'Golden State' of California, a Mecca for road trippers with its vineyards, iconic driving routes, towering forests and magnificent coastline. Getting behind the wheel of her new four-wheeled home, Sue travels down the iconic Pacific Coast Highway to meet Blix and Bess, a couple who gave up their settled life less than a year ago.

They are part of a new generation of van lifers with a new attitude to life on the move, staying connected and employed while enjoying the freedom to roam. Sue continues inland to one of the USA's most iconic national parks, Yosemite, where she meets Alexandria, one of the first young solo women to join the #vanlife movement.

Sue learns how she ditched most of her belongings, using her home on wheels to get off the beaten track and connect with nature. But it's the older generation who intrigue Sue the most, so she heads out onto the desert plains to find someone who's lived this life for decades, the 'OG' of #vanlife and one of the stars of Oscar-winning film Nomadland, Bob Wells, who brings the whole idea of nomadic living to a brand-new audience via his YouTube channel.

Both episodes will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 from 16 Jan, following the transmission of this episode


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