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Paxman: Putting Up With Parkinson's | Preview (ITV)

Paxman: Putting Up with Parkinson’s, will follow Jeremy Paxman’s story of living with Parkinson’s disease since his formal diagnosis, 18 months ago.

For the very first time, Jeremy Paxman will allow cameras into his life as he reflects on how Parkinson’s is impacting him. Jeremy meets experts who are at the leading edge of research, including observing a brain dissection.

In this one-off, 60 minute special, Jeremy speaks to other high profile people living with Parkinson’s, meets the President of Parkinson’s UK, Jane Asher, attends an English National Ballet therapy dance class - and learns to play bowls.

One in 37 people in the UK will be diagnosed in their lifetime and Jeremy investigates and busts some of the myths surrounding the illness.

The documentary airs Tuesday 4th October on ITV.


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