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Parole | Preview (BBC Two)

Filmed over a year with Parole Board panels from across Britain, Inside the Parole Board is a series which follows the complex and emotionally-fraught decision-making process that determines which criminals are safe to walk free – and which will remain behind bars.

54-year-old Colin committed a brutal murder following a pub fight. 25 years later, he has a chance to be released from prison. With his victim's widow waiting anxiously at home for the decision, will the parole board decide that he is safe to be let back into the community?

58-year-old David spent 40 years swindling thousands of pounds out of women he dated. A serial fraudster, he left a stream of women not only financially damaged but in some cases psychologically affected too.

Can he convince the parole board he is a changed man, or does the panel think they are just being shown his skills of persuasion?

Parole begins Monday 20th February at 9pm on BBC Two.


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