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Our Dream Farm with Matt Baker | Preview (Channel 4)

The series will see even applicants (individuals or couples) brought together for the final stage of selecting a new tenant for the vacant Gallows Hill Farm on the National Trust’s Wallington Estate.

The applicants will be assessed on their business plans and their abilities and approaches to agricultural, environmental farming and renovation by completing a series of real-world tasks/experiences, with the successful applicant invited to take on a 10-year tenancy of the farm.

In each episode the potential tenants will take on one or more tasks/experiences before the assessors decide who will progress to the next stage. Many of the real-world farm tasks/experiences involve processes that help to improve the land or buildings on the available farm.

Some will take place on other farms which may be either on the wider estate or in the local area. The series will be presented by Matt Baker and the assessors will be representatives of the National Trust.

Our Dream Farm airs Saturdays at 8pm on Channel 4.


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