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One And Six Zeros | Preview (Channel 4)

Comedian Dara Ó Briain hosts this high jeopardy quiz show, where winning £1,000,000 is all about holding onto those six zeros.

A team of three players are just seven questions away from winning £1,000,000. Each correct answer locks in a digit of their £1,000,000, but a wrong answer wipes a zero from their prize fund.

And if they're not sure about a question they can swap it, however each swap decreases the prize pot.

Along the way, two players must leave the game until just one remains to face the final two questions and the chance to win a life-changing prize for their team. The teams must decide when to risk an answer and when to play safe... how brave would you be?

In this episode, Stella, Steve and Laura from Durham play to win the life-changing jackpot.

The cash would make a big difference to them, but how much will they manage to take home? Should they risk an answer they're not sure about when there's £1,000,000 on the line? Or should they play it safe and swap the question to play for a smaller prize pot?

One And Six Zeros begins Sunday 13th March at 6pm on Channel 4.


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