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Not Going Out | Series 13 Preview (BBC One)

Lee Mack’s multi-award-winning hit show, and longest running sitcom on air, returns for a new series on BBC One this June.

We return to the suburban chaos of Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) as they’re asked to cover for uptight ice-queen Anna (Abigail Cruttenden) as she allegedly attends ‘secret’ Italian lessons.

Lee is immediately convinced Anna is up to no good and, having to lie to his best friend Toby (Hugh Dennis), is not-so-slowly spiralling into an anxious mess. As ever when there’s a delicate situation that needs sensitive handling, Lee could approach it cautiously… or go full sleuth in a bid to personally crack the case!

The series continues around the anarchy of a packed family life with the couple crashing from one near-disaster to the next (see episode synopses below). Usually close at hand are Lucy’s lovely mum Wendy (Deborah Grant) and curmudgeonly dad Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead), and we know very well what they think about their daughter’s wisecracking husband.

Not Going Out returns Friday 23rd June at 9pm on BBC One.


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