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Ninja Warrior UK: Race For Glory | Preview (ITV)

Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes, and Chris Kamara return to host as a new group of Ninja Heroes attempt to complete TV’s toughest obstacle course.

Bigger, faster and tougher, Ninja Warrior UK: Race for Glory returns with a brand-new knockout competition structure: new courses, new obstacles, and even bigger challenges designed as the ultimate test of strength, speed and courage.

For the first time in Ninja Warrior history, the hunt is on to find two champions as the UK’s top female and male competitors take on the toughest and most challenging course ever to be crowned Ninja Warrior UK Men and Women’s Champions.

The contestants will not only face each other and a dastardly difficult new course, but they will also have to face the Elite Ninjas, a team of professional Ninja Warrior athletes determined to beat them in head-to-head races.

Everything is on the line to face triumph or failure in front of family, friends and the nation to be ultimately crowned as Ninja Warrior UK Race for Glory Champions.

Ninja Warrior UK returns Saturday at 5:30pm on ITV and ITV Hub.


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