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Living Next Door to Putin | Preview (BBC One)

In this two part documentary, Katya Adler explores how life is changing for people living on Russia’s border and the consequences of Putin’s war on the west.

On a road trip from Poland, north through the Baltic states she discovers a region still reeling from the legacy of the Soviet Union, where the war in Ukraine has reopened old wounds.

But she also meets the people fighting back against the new threat in any way they can – from those traveling to Ukraine to fight on the front line, to the people making armoured ambulances in their garage.

In episode one, Katya travels to Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. She finds border tension over desperate migrants and an unusual holiday home hotspot on the Baltic coast.

In episode two, Katya Adler travels to Estonia, Finland and Norway to hear how life is changing for people living on Russia’s border. Next she heads into snowy Scandinavia and into Finland a country scarred by past war with Russia.

She discovers a state of hyper-preparedness as she travels deep into the bunkers beneath Helsinki. In Norway, she finds a more relaxed attitude, but one where personal relationships are breaking down in all sorts of way – between reindeer herders, families, and nuclear scientists.

Living Next Door To Putin begins Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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